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Reba / Sawyer Puppies  - $1,850 each  

Puppy take home day is today! 

(Click picture to view larger image)   

We have been calling this young male "Keeper" because well... he is a keeper. He will also be a keeper of your heart. This is an adorable puppy, very smart, well mannered, and is also learning some new tricks as you will see from the videos below. Give us a call and you will want to "Keep" this boy forever.

Want to know more about the parents.... here are the details.


Reba is one of our more petite females but fast and athletic . She loves to be petted but is also fine being on her own. Worth noting is that Reba has certified "Excellent" hips from her OFA testing. 

Sawyer is our largest male. He has lots of drive and desires to be everybody's friend. He loves to fetch and will even retrieve sticks thrown into the pond. He is very smart and has produced at least three service dogs from his line. . 


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