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Rosie and Cowboys puppies are adorable! They were born 5/30/19. 
Give us a call at 405-277-0777 to get all the details. Total price for a puppy is $1,850.00   



Want to know more about the parents.... here are the details.

This is a second Rosie / Cowboy grouping and they have produced some great puppies in the past and we expect more of the same this time. 

Rosie is our sweetheart. She loves to be the last one out the door just so that she can get that little extra attention before she joins the group. Rosie has a bit more color (cream and light tan) which many people think adds character to her puppy’s.

Cowboy is a great match for Rosie with his athletic build and "always a gentleman" attitude. We describe Cowboy as the quarterback. He is muscular, fast, smart, and seems to always know what to do in every situation. 

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